Quick Blitting Question?

I’ve got a 233mmx 64mb ram running mandrake 7.1 with a
3dfx banshee 16mb. In my soon to be playable deer
hunter game, My background(the scenery 800x600) gets
blittled every frame to help in the animation of the
the elk(50x50), now when i had the site to shoot it
with come up(100x100) everything bittled smoothly and
the game actually looked good. But when I drew a human
arm with a bow&arrow(200wx500h), and tried to re-draw
that every frame, it looks really choppy. My question
is, should my computer not have a problem blitting a
800x600, 50x50, and 200x500 pixel surface every frame,
cuz if so, then I just have my blitting code wrong.
That all I need to know, if it’s just my code. Also, I
used my blitting based on Sam’s alien demo, and I’m
thinking it my make it so only the area drawn on the
background actually get’s re-drawn when the background
gets blitted. anyway, thanks for any help, I’ll mess
with my code more when I get off work, hopefully it’s
just something dumb. But basically just needed someone
to say, you shouldn’t have and problems just blitting
that, memory or cpu wise. Thanks!!__________________________________________________
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