Raise/Lower Window


I’m developping an image processing application with SDL. The main
reason for using SDL is its very efficient implementation. In order to
switch on/off features I coded a ‘game like’ interface. This is allows
me to implement most of the limited user interface I need. Nevertheless,
for configuring a few filters I need a line edit, or even a pull down.
I’m not asking to integrate such widgets within SDL, as I realise that
it is out of its scope. However, I’ld like to use qt (or anyting else)
for this.

Everything works fine by now, but I’ve got one problem which can’t be
too hard to solve. My QT window (both qt and sdl are used borderless, at
the resolution of the screen) is stacked below the SDL screen. I can
however send it forward using KDE’s ‘ALT+Tab’ functionality and then it
works correctly. I tried to do this from within my own code using a
combination of the:

XLowerWindow( wm.info.x11.display, wm.info.x11.wmwindow );
XMapRaised( wm.info.x11.display, wm.info.x11.wmwindow );

commands (note: the implementation currently targets X11 only), but
without any succes.
Another attempt was to iconify the SDL screen, which indeed shows and
gives focus to the qt window. Hiding the qt window and restoring the SDL
screen makes the latter visible again, but I can’t get focus to SDL
again. Moreover the iconify/restore action doesn’t look too nice

So what I’m mostly looking for is a way to implement the
raising/lowering of windows comparable to the way it is done in KDE 'Alt

  • Tab’.
    I’ld appreciate anny suggestions on this topic. Many thanks beforehand.


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