RE#3 [SDL_mixer] artificial background noices

I have recompiled my.dll using VC6
and it had the same problems
now I know that it is not a devcpp problem

I think the problem is direct sound output
( something with timers perhaps? )

if I set ‘waveout’, everything is ok
the problem is that I have to use dsound
cause ‘waveout’ is locked by external application
which my.dll is connecting to

I did some search, and as I understand now
from some version 1.2.X(?) audio is rewritten from dx5 to dx8.1

does anyone know the the version? ( the X above )
so I could try older version
( or where can i find commit logs
so I can track it by myself )

in release notes, there is no such info

thanks in advance
adam szwajnoch