Re : Game Of Life VC++6

Hi Josh,

Thank you, is there a way to integrate the VC6 project information without messing with the main source tree, and keeping only one copy of each source file ?
Let me know, I’d be interested that your windows port would be comitted in the SVN repository.


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This took me enough time that i wanted to show the visual studio 6 version. Enjoy

---- Joshua Shriver wrote:

fun and well made implementation :slight_smile:


On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 11:22 AM, julien CLEMENT <@Julien_Clement1>wrote:

Hi everyone,

I invite you to try an implementation of the famous Game Of Life that I
wrote recently.

Here is the SVN command:
svn checkout SDLife

(Needs SDL 1.2, sdl-config, GNU Make)

β€œsdlife -h”? for the available options

Have fun !


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