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Why not, let’s see what kind of image it can produce …


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Objet: [SDL] Noiser - randomized image creator
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Date: Lundi 8 Juin 2009, 15h59

Hello, I created a little SDL app Noiser (in 1 hour xD). It can be used to generate randomized noise images with various parameters. You just run it in command line/console and input parameters, and app provides you a BMP file.

image size,
coverage of noise,
alpha channel of noise,
greyscale on/off,
background color (r, g, b)
minimum and maximum noise values for each R, G and B channels

On my PC the image is generated in from 0.5 to 2 seconds, even with alpha blending. This app can be used for fast creation of textures like sky with stars, grass or marble surface. Supports resolutions from 4 to 1000 pixels, but that’s just hardcoded numbers and can be easily changed in source.

Why I created this one? Because I couldn’t find it anywhere else :slight_smile: .
My question: Does anyone want me to release it? I know it will make no use to most of people here…

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