READ THIS if you need network code - Uber Update! (fwd)

Now we have network code…
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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 14:14:11 -0700
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Subject: READ THIS if you need network code - Uber Update!!!

A quick history lesson…

Way back when there was the spark of an idea for NetSprocket 2.0. It was
to be the end-all be-all of network game APIs. It was also supposed to
provide a Win95 version.

Well, Apple Computer and Bungie Software teamed up to develop this API. It
was code-named Uber. Well, we got enough of it done that Bungie was able
to use it with their game Myth: The Fallen Lords. From what I hear it has
been working pretty well.

However, for numerous reasons it was decided that we wouldn’t finish the
project and the Uber source code was put on dry ice.

That was then. This is now.

Although Apple Computer has decided not to productize this SDK we do
acknowledge the fact that it is still of great potential value to our

So, we are releasing the full source code to the public. It will be
released as official Apple Sample Code and will be located under the
Snippets hierarchy on our developer CDs. We will also be placing the
contents on our ftp site for free download.

Hey, this sounds neat-o. What exactly would I be getting?

o Full source code to the Macintosh AND Windows95/NT version of the
Uber library.

o Source code to the fully functional AppleTalk and TCP/IP plug-ins for
Mac OS.

o Source code to the fully functional TCP/IP plug-in for Windows.

o Source code to the nearly functional serial plug-ins for both.

o Source code for several test applications

o An API reference. Sorry, haven’t had the time to write a users guide.

Hey, that sounds like a lot. What’s missing?

Uber is a three-part model:

o Net Module plug-ins (such as the AppleTalk or TCP/IP plug-ins)

o Uber itself - Uber is actually just a Net Module Manager and manages
the connections for the client-side

o User Interface - there is a full UI for hosting/searching/joining a
network group

The part that is missing is the User Interface code. It’s only partially
completely on both the Mac OS and Windows versions of the library.
However, there are pass-through functions that allow you to have your own
interface code and pass the connection info down to the Uber layer.

How usable is it?

All of the code to manually configure a connection, establish that
connection and send/receive bits down the wire are present and fully

Uber can be used like a packet-oriented socket interface, a stream
interface or both (this is Uber mode). It’s pretty cool.

Ok, how do I get more information?

Ok, I’ve gotten a mailing list set up so that people can discuss Uber.
Just send an email to:

<mailto:uber-on at>

And you’ll be added to the mailing list. That’s it. I’ll be repeating
this post to Mac-Games-Dev and a few Usenet groups just to make sure that
everyone sees it but all future news will be posted the uber-dev list.


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