Recording audio (not microphone)

Hi. I’m working on a program that records your screen and want to also record the audio. I’ve already made the code work with PulseAudio, but I thought I’ll use SDL2 instead, since it surely supports more than just PulseAudio (and probably does it better anyway). However, I don’t know how to select the monitor of audio output, I only see microphones available. Is such thing even supported by SDL2 ? Thanks for your time

We have a bug open about this:

We will likely let you set an SDL hint to say “I want everything that looks like an audio input, not just physical microphones,” and let you decide what you want to choose from there.

If we’re lucky, I’ll slide this into 2.0.14, which we’re trying to finalize now.

I glanced at the SDL_pulseaudio.c but somehow missed that part! Doh. Awesome you’ll be adding it to the official build. For now I’ll just compile SDL2 with this patch.