Regarding compatibility of libSDL 1.2.15 with El Capitan

Hi Team

I have a quick question. I have been using libSDL 1.2.15 for my development work (involves bringing up display window) in Mac. This has been working fine with previous Mac versions. However, I am not able to get a display window in El Capitan with libSDL 1.2.15.

I want to know if there are compatibility issues with libSDL 1.2 and El Capitan. Please let me know if there are some workarounds that I can do to make it work on El Capitan.

In case I need to use libSDL 2 is there anything extra that I need to take care?

I will really appreciate your help.


You need the development version of SDL 1.2x (checkout SDL’s mercurial and select the SDL-1.2 branch.