Render text on opengl screen

Hello to all,
I am new for OpenGL, I want to render text on OpenGL screen without
help(using) GLUT or AUX. Only in openGL i want to render.Currently
I am using Fedora Core3. If any one has sample code please send me.
I found lots of sample code on net, but they are plateform

Please help me…

Thank You.

Kind regards,
Mohmad Sadique.

Well, you can use SDL-s font rendering capabilities which have the
downside of
"infecting" your program with GPL, if I remember correctly. The best
solution would be, IMHO to use bitmap fonts - that is effectively
texturing quads with letters. There are many good bitmap fonts on the
net, however they have the downside of being available in only one size.
You might even generate a bitmap font yourself by using SDL to render a
character set to a surface, and saving the surface to an image file.

Kristof Szalay