Renderer Invalidation Message

I’ve been doing some tests with my own version of the Bunnymark (
done in SDL2. It seems to me that we will need to add a
SDL_RENDERER_INVALIDATED sort of message, previously I thought the
situation where the GL context is lost and the textures are invalidated was
limited to Android (and with some patching we made it was limited only to
older devices), as iOS just kills your app if it can’t restore the GL
context. But now I’ve noticed the Direct3D backend of SDL does exactly the
same thing, and it’s a very common thing to happen, when you have a full
screen app, and you alt-tab out of it, you end up with a “lost device” (, which I
think would be something SDL should figure out and notify the user so the
renderer state can be restored, textures recreated, etc.

Taking the chance to offtopic my own thread, I’d like to mention two
sidenotes…the Windows/OpenGL version of my Bunnymark is 3 times as fast
as the Direct3D equivalent (using Nvidia drivers), I think it’s due to the
fact that the matrix transformations involved in SDL_RenderCopyEx are being
done in software rather than via hardware, as opposed to the OpenGL

The other thing is that I’m not receiving the SDL_WINDOWEVENT_CLOSE or
SDL_QUIT event that should come up when I press ALT+F4, has anyone
experienced something similar? I’m cross compiling the library using Mingw
from Linux, so perhaps there’s a #define missing, or it may be a more
general bug.–