Request framebuffer support for SDL2


SDL2 has DirectFB support. It works fine on devices which can be accelerated.

However, there are some devices only have unaccelerated video device and limited resource. Although framebuffer is slower than DirectFB, itโ€™s simple (read/write/ioctl to /dev/fb0) enough to be used on those limited devices.

I hope framebuffer can come back to SDL2 so I can migrate from SDL1 to SDL2. :laughing:

I noticed that there are some other people discussing about this issue in the forum a few years ago. I wonder is there any further discussion? :thinking:

By the way, DirectFB seems to be dead for more than 4 years. Will it keep going?


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Hello, you can create renderer with SDL_RENDERER_SOFTWARE flag and do what you need.

It works.

Thank you very much.