Request: SDL_GetInitializedState

I mentioned this one before, but haven’t seen it implemented.
it’s really easy, but i’ve coded it up so there’s no more excuses.

While working on an SDL library it would be beneficial to know
which modules are initialized or not. Currently there’s not a
way to do this (that i’ve seen). Fortunately, SDL keeps track
of this information internally. This routine simply returns the
initialized state from SDL (while keeping it reasonably encapsulated)

this goes onto the end of src/SDL.c--------------------------------------------------
Uint32 SDL_GetInitializedState()
return SDL_initialized;

and this gets added to include/SDL.h, line 84

/* This function returns a number with all the SDL subsystems that

  • are initialized set to 1
    extern DECLSPEC void SDL_GetInitializedState();

can someone with cvs write access drop this in? it would
be a big help that doesn’t seem to break any design rules?

a better name and/or description would be gladly accepted :]