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tanks, i’ll take a look

i’m from s?o paulo…> ----- Mensagem original -----

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Hello Ricardo, (where are you in Brazil?)

Try one library, SDL Graphics (I think), it allows zoomin, rotating and
scalling images on software surface, with support for MMX and 3D Now on
the latest version, if I’m not wrong.

You can search for it at the SDL libraries page.


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Subject: [SDL] Resize an Image

how can i resize an image???

i have an 32x32 image and I wanna display this imagem at 16x16…


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i’m from s?o paulo…

(sorry for the off topic, but I couldn’t resist to ask)

Nice, I’m from Curitiba, but currently I’m in Canada, hoping to get a complete working level of my game during my spare time ^_-.

Anyway, almost anything you’d need to use with SDL is available at the libraries page, like SDL_Mixer to play music and sound effects, SDL Net and many other useful stuff :).