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Sure there is!
do you have
use this on the IDE this way:

-on File>NEW
-select Project sheet and then “Project from makefile”
-select the .bpr file from the ZIP

and it is ready

to install the libraries, you must follow the steps from the SDL faq for the
"Free Command Line Tools"
and it?s done! Indeed , I?m currently using C++BuilderX on my project!

PS:Vc ? brasileiro?


Daniel NeoStrider Monteiro–

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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 23:01:46 -0800 (PST)
From: (Romulo Gnomo)
To: SDL at
Subject: [SDL] Borland and SDL
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Is there any way to use SDL with Borland?s C++ Builder X IDE (I?m using
DevCpp but it is too buggy)?

I don?t want to use anything borland specific, i just love it?s editor. Is
there any IDE as good as borland one for windows? what about for linux,
again I?m referreing only to the IDE itself not to the VCL or CLX or
whatever Library Borland created and distributed.

Thanks! RomuloGnomo.