RFC: SDL XML Pak file


I have a noddy/incomplete XML thingy (draft is NOT the word!) for a SDL
version of the Quake Pak system, but rooted in XML, for al the benefits that it

I would appreciate feedback very much if anyones interested.

My first refrence implementation , is of course, written in Perl,and its
rather crap at the moment. But I thought this might end up being globally useful
to other people, so not being a dictator my self, shall we all get in the
trenches on this one?

All the best


The rather minimal draft:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE SDL:Pak [



<Sprites ID="main_ships">	
	<Sprite ID="ship" FILE="Data/ship.gif">
	<Geometry HEIGHT="&auto;" WIDTH="&auto;" DEPTH="&auto;">

<Sprites ID="baddie1s">
	<Sprite ID="baddie_1" FILE="Data/badie_1.gif"/>

<Sprites ID="all_other_baddies">
	<Sprite ID="baddie_2" FILE="Data/badie_2.gif"/>
	<Sprite ID="baddie_3" FILE="Data/badie_3.gif"/>

<!-- a set of sprites stored in one large bitmap, tile cut out to be performed