Rock Dodger SDL2 Compact Edition - Version 0.76 released


Here is a new version of my little game :slight_smile:
Rock Dodger CE (Compact Edition) is an updated version of the original ‘Rock Dodger’ game from 2001 (by Paul Holt).

New features:

  • Ported to SDL2, SDL2 Mixer and SDL2 Image
  • Use 2D accelerated rendering
  • Compact binary (less than 512 kb)
  • All game resources are packed into one single executable
  • Zero installation (unpack and run)
  • Source code for the entire game is only 2000 lines in C.
  • Works with i686, AMD64 and ARMv7 CPU
  • Runs on low end machines : ASUS EeePC900, Asus EeePC701 and Raspberry Pi
  • Requires only a 900Mhz Celeron processor for smooth gameplay
  • Runs on all Linux distributions (from year 2007 up to now)

The universal binaries for Linux are there:

I am looking for people who can help me debug slow hardware rendering on Raspberry Pi 2. Thanks !