[RPI] Raspberry pi and official 7'' touch display


Happy new year!

I wonder if i use Raspberry pi with the official 7’’ screen:

Will I be able to have the event_handlers working on the touch screen?

Thanks for the information. :man_student:


A quick test with testgesture gives me the following results:

  • When using the SDL video driver x11 it works* with the old firmwire-side driver and the new vc4 KMS driver.
  • When using the SDL video driver rpi it works*, but it seems the driver also wants to interpret touch events as key events and prints a message about it.
  • When using the SDL video driver kmsdrm it apparently can’t find the encoder for the display. There must be an issue in the KMS setup in the kmsdrm driver. kmscube works fine. The event handling should be the same as with the rpi driver, I think.

* If I move a finger across the screen, it prints circles. If I move multiple fingers, I can scale the white circle.

Things used for this test:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B.
  • Arch Linux.
  • SDL 2.0.7 for x11.
  • SDL b359333bdc52 for rpi and kmsdrm.

If there’s something specific you want me to test, don’t hesitate to ask.

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