RPMs, Ports, and the SDL (was RE: Dynamic vs. Static linking)

Gentoo is pretty nice, it’s what I use as my SDL dev machine (laptop)!

To install SDL on Gentoo, you do something like this:

emerge dev-gfx/sdl

That’s it!

My other machine (desktop) is FreeBSD, which has a similar-type install.

cd /usr/ports/devel/sdl
make install; make clean;

With both these systems, all necessary dependencies are also downloaded and
built, and updating is a snap too. You’da thought that the guys who made
RPM would have at least looked at the BSD package/ports system, eh?> ----- Original Message -----

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Subject: Re: Dynamic vs. Static linking (was Re: [SDL] RE:Why GPL)

What’s wrong with

make (usually optional, actually)
make install


The success rate of that is much higher in my experience, and you can
also tweak the configuration while you’re at it.

libs are much more of a nightmare in linux I think… They are what
made me give up using it… (once I had a chain of 6 libs to install
before getting what I wanted to work)

Yeah, that’s still a real problem, indeed. One should probably try
Debian, but I’m going to try Gentoo first, being that I generally rebuild
vital parts of my systems from source anyway. (It’s kind of nice knowing
for sure that the compiler installed is actually one that generates
binaries that are compatibel with the rest of the system… heh)

I have all the tarballs already - now I just need some time… :slight_smile:

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Gentoo is pretty nice, it’s what I use as my SDL dev machine (laptop)!