Ruby interface

“Danny van Bruggen” wrote

Does anyone know if anyone is working on a ruby port?
That would be a nice thing to have in the world.

Well, I -was- working on it a bit, (I’ve got SDL_Init and SDL_Quit working
on Linux and Windows… I know, that’s barely anything) and I don’t know
if I can get myself to work on it some more. My plan was to grab Pygame’s
source and see how that works, then make my lib work like it.

hi danny. i’m the author of pygame. if you have any questions
about the code, please ask away. i’d be glad to point out
anything that poses a question.

for the most part, pygame is simply a C wrapper that parses Python
Object arguments, makes the call to the appropriate SDL function,
then converts the result back into a python object.

i did take liberties with the interface and changed things around
a bit, but for the most part there is a 1-to-1 function call mapping.

a lot of effort in the code was to keep everything very modular
and extendable. therefore modules that cover things like SDL_ttf
can be separate and optional. these extra modules for pygame can
be be packaged totally independent from pygame, but then be
incorporated into pygame as ‘first class citizens’.

anyways, if you want to discuss anything you see in there, feel free!