Running X on top of SDL... status of XSDL?


I’m thinking in the idea of a lightweight way of running X11
applications on systems that don’t have an X11 server installed by
default, but without forcing the user to install a server. And just
found XSDL (it’s a server, but maybe it can be bundled inside apps in
some way, if it’s lightweight enough and licensing permits).

However, it seems to be highly focused in Android. Has anybody tried
it? Is it stable? Can it run anywhere, or is it Android-only? Does it
have any other requisites apart from SDL? What impressions do you have
from it?

I’m asking all these questions because they don’t seem to have a
website with detailed info. Just the Google Play site, the github
depository with the source, and a reddit discussion about it. Didn’t
find anything more than that…