Safe2Play - Fewer permissions, simpler pricing model

Hi everyone

A few months ago I asked in this forum about the minimum permissions that were necessary for Android SDL games. The reason is that we wanted to remove any we didn’t need, to keep users safe and so that they knew our games were safe.

Although there are libraries that can help track users within the game, and profit by selling them ads, we think the price we are all paying and the risks we are accepting, as users and as developers, are too high.

So, we’ve made a decision that all our games will be free from such features. We think it’s just better for everybody if games are simple and everyone’s data, and wallet, are safe while they play. That means no ads, no tracking, and very clear and plain pricing models, preferably with just one payment when the app is bought and downloaded on the app stores.

Many of you were probably doing this already. Nevertheless, we are inviting everyone to actively join our movement, which we are calling Safe2Play. You can read more here.

Hope it’s useful. Opinions welcome.