SDL 0.9.9 - where's SDL_MapSurface!?

Hey Sam… I could be going insane, but is SDL_MapSurface() missing from
SDL 0.9.9?

I’m trying to compile Phoenix Kodiko’s “Raider’s Saga” walking test under
Linux, and I get a link error complaining that SDL_MapSurface doesn’t

I checked my SDL version and I have 0.9.9.
I did a “grep MapSurface *.h” in my include/SDL directory and it came up

The API docs on your site state that this should be available under 0.9.9.


The docs are out of date. SDL_MapSurface() is no longer needed in 0.9.9+
Just remove the API call from the code, and you’ll be fine.
As soon as I update the code for Win32, I’ll release SDL 0.9.11 or .12

I really wish the BeOS folks would get their heads up… BeOS 4.0 still
has compiler problems, and 4.1 won’t be out for months…


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