SDL 1.2.0, MacOS-X, problems with gluXXX() routines

I’m working on building a version of our molecular graphics
package using SDL for the OpenGL Window handling in order to avoid
having to write platform-specific code for MacOS-X. Earlier tonight
I successfully built a version of our code on a Linux box using SDL,
and it ran as I expected it to. Upon building a MacOS-X version, I
ran into problems. Specifically, the MacOS-X version crashes
immediately on the first call to gluNewQuadrid(). In order to figure
out what was going on, I took one of the SDL OpenGL examples, lesson02.c,
added in a call to gluNewQuadric() right before the code that
draws triangles, and built this test code on MacOS-X, and this small
test program gets the same exact behavior. This was done on the
final release version of MacOS-X (the version they announced on
March 24th).

If I eliminate all glu calls related to quadrics, my code works fine, but
adding in even one gluNewQuadric() call seg faults the app, even if I never
use the pointer it returns, as it seg faults inside of the gluNewQuadric()

I know that MacOS-X has a functional implementation of the gluXXX() routines,
and specifically the gluNewQuadric() etc, because the developer CD comes
with various GLUT examples, one of which makes heavy use of the gluXXX()
routines, and it works fine.

So, I don’t know what SDL is doing on MacOS-X, but it is somehow interfering
with the normal operation of the gluXXX() routines, best as I can tell.

I’d love to hear from anyone that has a suggestion for fixing/debugging
this problem.

Since it occurs even in a tiny program, it shouldn’t be nearly as hard
to figure out what is going on.

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