SDL 1.2.1 prerelease

Okay everybody, the SDL CVS snapshot is being readied for release
as SDL 1.2.1:

Please download the snapshot and make sure it builds on your setup
and hasn’t broken anything. If nothing has been broken, I’ll start
building the official SDL 1.2.1 release next week.


  • Added native OpenBSD audio driver (thanks vedge!)
  • Added detection of Open Sound System on Solaris x86
  • Added initial support for Nano-X (thanks Hsieh-Fu!)
  • Fixed endian detection on IA64 architectures (thanks Bill!)
  • Added --disable-dga configure option to disable DGA
  • Fixed stuck keys when changing the video mode
  • Fixed double-mouse event bug on Windows using OpenGL
  • Fixed 320x200 video mode on framebuffer console
  • Improved robustness for the ELO touchpad (thanks Alex!)
  • Added support for building under Cygwin on Windows
  • Added a dummy video driver for benchmarking (thanks Ryan!)
  • Fixed fullscreen cursor offset bug on BeOS
    … plus lots of other minor configuration and build fixes …

-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Software, Inc.

  • Added native OpenBSD audio driver (thanks vedge!)

this was previously using the same driver as Solaris since the API is
almost exactly the same. Did the differences really outweigh the advantages
of unified driver code?

Okay, okay, I know I said it before, but now I mean it!
The SDL 1.2.1 pre-release is now available:

Please download it and make sure nothing is broken! :slight_smile:
Note that you shouldn’t distribute this code, as it’s not an
official release. I will be building a new release very soon.

-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Software, Inc.