SDL 1.2 for QNX 6.4 is broken!


I have tested SDL 1.2.9 and SDL 1.2.13 on top of Photon/QNX 6.4 and got negative results.

For instance … if you start the test example “graywin” … the window of graywin is loosing at first its background.
Now is possible to update that window with rectangles … but if you hide that window by an other window and than un-hidethe window of graywin is loosing all added rectangles and now is the background visible.

What about SDL 1.3? AFAIK with SDL-1.3 is the code related to Photon the same. How can it work with QNX 6.4 ??

Are there any fixes available for QNX 6.4?

Best Regards

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