SDL 1.3 and macosx

Hello. I have been trying to run SDL1.3 from the SVN on macbook pro
(core 2 duo processor, nvidia geforce 8600M GT card) with little
success. The code compiles well, but no software seems to be able to
run it (eg mjpegtools, ffplay, mplayer: they either crash or make the
monitor go crazy). Regardless of whether SDL_VIDEODRIVER is cocoa or
x11. In particular, some of the tests that come with the distribution
fail with the following messages.

	Set 640x480x24 mode
	(Video surface located in system memory)
 	Couldn't create overlay: Unsupported texture format

	Couldn't initialise test cursor: Current mouse doesn't have cursor  


	Unable to set gamma: Gamma ramp manipulation not  supported


	SDL error: blitting boat: Blit combination not supported

Of course, all works fine with SDL 1.2

Question: Is this expected? Have I missed some configuration/setup
trick, or should I simply give up? More in general, does it make
sense to replace 1.2 with 1.3 at this stage of development if like me
you’re not interested in developing SDL, but only in having a
"better" SDL library under the hood?

Thanks for your help.