SDL 1.3 and SDL_SetEventFilter

I am trying to naively port some existing SDL 1.2 code to 1.3.
The existing code calls SDL_SetEventFilter to add a mouse event filter. In SDL1.3 there is a new argument void* userdata in SDL_EventFIlter and in the event method signature. Apparently SDL 1.2 only has one internal event queue which is used as the default, Where do I get the event queue to use in SDL 1.3? I tried Googling for an example and haven’t found one yet.

The code is as follows. Here is the event filter:


int event_filter(SDL_Event *e)
if (e->type == SDL_MOUSEMOTION) {
cursor->move(e->motion.x, e->motion.y);
return 1;

It is set in an initialization routine with the call



At shutdown there is a call



My two questions are

  1. What do I use for the void* userdata argument that SDL_SetEventFilter needs in 1.3?
  2. Does this event_filter method have to do anything with the void* userdata argument that it gets in 1.3?