SDL 1.3 Doc?


I am pretty sure that this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it, so
here it goes: Is there any documentation for SDL 1.3 yet?
More specifically: I am trying to convert one of my games from Windows/SDL 1.2
to iPhone/SDL 1.3… Quite a step, yes. So far, the game runs on SDL 1.2 on Mac,
but not on SDL 1.3 on the iPhone simulator (“does not run” == “renders a blank
screen – in any color I want though ;)”), so I have two possible culprits: It’s
either something wrong with my OpenGL => OpenGL|ES translation, or I do use
SDL 1.3 in a wrong way.

I tried to compile the latest SDL 1.3 version on my windows machine today, but
that failed, so now I will wait until tonight, so that I can compile SDL 1.3 on
my Mac and see if my game runs on Mac with SDL 1.3.

But still: Docs would greatly be appreciated… Maybe a SDL 1.2 => 1.3
conversion guide? :slight_smile: [I am willing to help! By all means!] – Also, a roadmap
would be useful… Any idea when SDL 1.3 will be released?