SDL 1.3 docs / exaples / apis / etc

i svn’d latest sdl1.3 then thought to mself what the heck am i doing… non
of my code is going to work properly cos lots of common functions have
changed structure, so, i figure to try and contribute to the project other
than with rambling emails i would attempt to do some form of example code /
rough documentation, only i have little or no clue where to start with what
i need to know might have changed so i figure i should attemmpt to write an
entire little demo program from scratch, this, then, i can use as a base for
converting / reworking my own stuff only i have not much of a deaf bats clue
where to start, off the top of my head all i can remeber is that the mouse
functions have changed du to the additon of multi mouse, if anyone can throw
a bone as to what else i really need to know before i drive myself insane
please do. also, i am a little concerned i might not even have a working SDL
from subversion ( for linux ) so any thing anyone can input please do.