SDL 1.3 Keyboard Events in WebView


I have few menu with WebView and
I try to write text to the Text Field, but some keys doesn’t work
Backspace, Enter, Left, Right, Up, Down, Delete doesn’t work

When I push keys a Text Field gets symbol not action, example, the Enter key add symbol Newline and I see a space in field.

for SDL 1.3 I add


because without this func a keyboard doesn’t work correct

in gameplay all keys work correct.

Xcode 3.2.6 Mac OS 10.6.8

please give me some advice------------------------
Mac OS / iPhone Game Developer



rewrite convertation system

in game now all work fine

but any keys doesn’t showed in Text field on webview %)------------------------
Mac OS / iPhone Game Developer

Well, I fix it

A Problem was in SDL_cocoaevents.m

I commented out a 212 string

//if (([event modifierFlags] & NSCommandKeyMask) || [event type] == NSFlagsChanged)

because your Cocoa_HandleKeyEvent(_THIS, NSEvent *event) func not correct work with OpenGL + NSObject elements------------------------
Mac OS / iPhone Game Developer