SDL 1.3 + OpenGL returns a blank screen

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to run some simple OpenGL 3.2 tutorials with SDL 1.3, and have been running into some strange problems. My hunch is that its is a memory-leak, but could be something else.

The problem, stripped down to its bare minimum is Tutorial 4 (from here:

I have only included a header file to initialize opengl extensions (since the original tutorial doesnt do that), and removed gl3.h in favour of gl.h, and glext.h.
In addition, here is the init code:


if (initGLExtensions() == false)
sdldie(“Unable to load openGL extensions”);

I am presented with a blank white screen. It remains open for a while, for the duration I would expect it to be drawing, then closes ‘normally’.
Here is the Visual Studio 2005 project:

(Its about 5-6 mb)

The strange thing is, it compiles fine with Borland C++ Builder 2009 and 2010 (trial edition), but then causes memory leaks further down the line when I try to expand the code.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,
My apologies for cross-posting, but since the problem involves two libraries and not knowing which one the problem lies in, I posted in two forums hoping to get answers from experts on both. (

Hm…nothing on either forums?