SDL 1.3 problem with testalpha (?)


I just wanted to relay a problem I ran into. When I run the testalpha
test using SDL 1.3 on Mac OS X, it gets EXC_BAD_ACCESS. This is with
the code from the 1.3 trunk. Here is the stack at this point:

Thread 0:
0 libSDL-1.3.0.dylib 0x000ba757 SDL_RLEAlphaBlit + 375
1 libSDL-1.3.0.dylib 0x000e3c38 SDL_UpperBlit + 456
2 testalpha 0x00002378 MoveSprite + 600
3 testalpha 0x000028be main + 1038 (testalpha.c:
4 testalpha 0x000019f6 start + 54

specifically in the MoveSprite function it is executing the line:
SDL_BlitSurface(backing, NULL, screen, &updates[0]);

output from the console is:
Screen is at 32 bits per pixel
Screen is in system memory
Sprite is in system memory
Sprite blit dosn’t uses hardware alpha acceleration
Bus error

Any ideas?


  • Holmes