SDL 1.3 SDL_WarpMouseInWindow(...) Not Working (svn revision 4488)


I have upgraded from SDL 1.2.13 to SDL 1.3 revision 4488 in order to gain SDL iPhone support for a cross platform game engine I am working on.

I upgraded to SDL 1.3 SVN revision 4488 (the latest revision as of now)
and built the libs for Windows, the methods related to mouse warping no
longer work (ie, SDL_WarpMouseInWindow(…)).

I noticed that
there is now a struct SDL_Mouse which has several function pointers…
However, I was unable to find the actual implementation to some of the
function pointers such as

struct SDL_Mouse::void (*WarpMouse) (SDL_Mouse * mouse, SDL_WindowID windowID, int x, int y); // (SDL_mouse_c.h line 51)

After stepping through the source code in debug mode, the above function pointer remains NULL throughout the entire execution…

As a result, all calls to SDL_WarpMouseInWindow end up checking that
function pointer for NULL, and since it is NULL, does not warp the cursor…

Is there a new way to set the cursor position or warp the mouse on Windows?

I noticed that some svn commits discussed completing a cursor API… Is it possible to warp the mouse in SDL 1.3 svn revision 4488? Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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