SDL 1.3/Win32/OpenGL Simple Example Needed

I’m trying to write a simple SDL 1.3/Win32/OpenGL program that does not use any deprecated functions, that is, a program that uses SDL 1.3 the way it was intended to be used.

I started with a Linux/SDL 1.3 port of NeHe’s Lesson03, which strikes me as a beautiful job. I ported it to my APL2 environment, which is essentially a Win32 “scripting” environment. My program runs, but the resizeable SDL window doesn’t show. It does sit on the taskbar, complete with the correct title. In fact, if I maximize it from the taskbar context menu, it displays with the correct background color (which is all I’m rendering with OpenGL right now). I’ve got a trace on events fielded, and they look appropriate. I can properly close out the program with either the taskbar context menu or the X on the maximized window.

Does this behavior suggest anything to anyone who has Win32 experience with SDL 1.3?

Or, can any one point me to a simple sample program that uses SDL 1.3 functions (nothing deprecated) with Win32 and OpenGL?

My stupid mistake again. My main problem was that I screwed up the definition of SDL_WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED. My APL2 environment means that I have to define SDL’s constants explicitly, and I screwed this one up. Since I happened to use this one (Murphy’s Law), my window position was way out in the wild blue yonder and couldn’t be seen.

A related problem was that, once per DLL load, the initial window, although defined as shown, sat minimized on the taskbar. I worked around that problem by creating a tiny window and immediately destroying it. Hence, the window I really wanted was not the initial window. I built a compiled version of the program in VC++ to try to reproduce the problem. It was not there. I conclude that the problem is somehow due to my environment.