SDL 1.3 Windows stuff

I’m getting back into SDL after a bit of an absence, and have been looking into SDL 1.3.

I’m having a few issues with it on Windows, and would like to have a discussion regarding them. I’m using VS 2010 Express (can’t afford the $$$ to get the professional version) on Windows 7, with the June 2010 DirectX SDK installed.

  1. VS 2010 can’t find Xaudio2.h… I’d assumed this was part of the DirectX SDK, so either I’m wrong and I’ve got something more to download and install or else my DirectX SDK didn’t integrate properly (or else maybe I’ve got to put a VS property page in so the projects can find it…). Even if it is part of the DirectX SDK, can we make this an explicit dependancy mentioned in the VisualC.html?

  2. Since MS have killed off global VC++ directories (they’re now part of the project only) I’m wondering if it is worth setting up as part of the “binary” deliverables a VS 2010 project page that includes the libraries, etc., needed for SDL. Perhaps at least as an example (since it’ll have to be hacked to death if anything other than straight SDL is needed), and perhaps using a global env var (which the developers will have to set before running VS) pointing to the SDL package to make life a little easier??? If this is agreed to, I’m happy to put something together for submission - and also to update the VisualC.html page since it’ll need considerable re-work for 2010 (and I’d actually like to propose splitting the page into 4 sections, one for VC5 & VC6, one for VC7/2002/2003, VC8/2005 and VC9/2008 (since these three appear to be the same) and finally one for VC10/2010; the current format with different coloured text, etc., is too difficult to understand and too difficult fo
    r some of us with various vision impairment issues to read).

2a. Actually, if we’re relying on a recent DirectX SDK version, then there will be issues for supporting older versions of VC since IIRC MS have discontinued support for anything prior to VC9 as of the June 2010 SDK package, the February 2010 SDK only appears to support VC8 and VC9.

  1. Is it the case that SDL development code on Windows will only support VS 2010 Professional and higher, or is Express version also intended to be supported? If the latter, there is a problem with the current VS 2010 solution layout in that Express edition doesn’t appear to support solution directories (and the test case stuff currently uses one so it reports an error on loading).

BTW, regarding extra reviewers, etc., I’ll put my hand up to help in that. At the companies I’ve worked for as a software engineer, I was a frequent member of software and doco review panels :wink: . It’ll also help to familiarise me with more of the code and that’s always A Good Thing ™.


Hey Jason, I’m having the same problem! I’m new to Windows – I’m a Mac developer, so I wouldn’t have even known Xaudio2.h was a DirectX thing. Did you ever resolve this and your other issues? If so I’d love to hear what you did.