SDL 2.0.6 released!


I get all kinds of noise in audio with 2.0.6 but I think you know about this already. No matter which driver I use. Just checking.


The latest in revision control (which is going to become 2.0.7 with a quickness) should solve the audio problems. Looking at the SDL_mixer issues now.


Okay, @AntTheAlchemist, I downloaded your game, swapped in the latest SDL and SDL_mixer and saw it fail to play any sound.

I applied this fix to SDL_mixer, and it all started working again, so this will be in the next builds we ship:

The latest SDL works without changes, but you’ll need this SDL_mixer fix if you upgrade to SDL 2.0.6 or later. We’ll be doing a formal SDL_mixer release soon with this fix.

So you should be good to go now.

@bradharding, this should fix you up, too, I think.


:+1: for KMS/DRM

Just now noticing.