SDL 2.0.9 and iOS AppStore submissions

Just a heads up, to use SDL 2.0.9 you need to link against the CoreBluetooth framework. BUT this will cause your app submission on the Apple App Store to fail because you need to explain why you are using Bluetooth.

Explain the reasons for accessing…
to the Info.plist will fix this.

This won’t be needed in the final 2.0.9 release.


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Thanks, I just saw the commit. Very handy and much appreciated.
IMO adding the information
Don’t build SDL_JOYSTICK_HIDAPI by default on iOS

If you enable this, you’ll need to link with CoreBluetooth.framework and add something like this to your Info.plist:
<string>MyApp would like to remain connected to nearby bluetooth Game Controllers and Game Pads even when you’re not using the app.</string>

only to the commit message is a bit flawed. It needs to be in the


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@icculus and @slouken in 2.0.12 this is back so I guess it was either a mistake or the notes should need to go back into the README-ios