SDL 2.0.9 integration in autotools project (autotools beginner)

maybe this question has already be answered somewhere else, but yet I did not find any hint on google that would help me.

I want to start a C++ project using autotools and SDL, one of the project’s goals is to be portable (Windows, Linux).

Until now, I have a small autotools Hello World, which is nothing more but a in project’s root, one in the src folder and a also in the project’s root. The contents of these files are not relevant for this topic so far.

My question is, how can I include SDL (I downloaded version 2.0.9 and extracted the archive to one of my local hard drives) in my project?

Is it enough to install SDL by following the INSTALL.txt and setting linker flags?

Mybe the question is stupid, but my expertise with autotools is not very strong yet, altough I basically know what they are doing.