SDL 2.0 or stick to 1.2?


Last winter I started working on a project in SDL 1.2. I had messed around with it the year before, and 2.0 wasn’t stable yet, so I stuck with it. I’m getting back into the project, and I’m wondering if I should stick to 1.2 or if I should start from scratch with 2.0.

I’m a beginner programmer, and SDL is my first library, so I’d prefer to stick to a version that I’m comfortable with, but I don’t want to spend all this time working on a project that may be limited in terms of compatibility in the near future. I know that 1.2 works on the latest OS, but I assume all future OS will require 2.0.

Like I said, I’m also not the most seasoned programmer, so it helps to have years of tutorials and forum posts to look at when I encounter a problem. I know it’s still SDL, but from what I understand 2.0 was redone from scratch, so there must be some fundamental differences between the versions.

So, should I stick to 1.2, or is 2.0 the surefire way these days?


I started with 1.2 and now, when I’ve found out about 2.0 release, I changed to it. And I’m happy :slight_smile:
I’m a beginner programmer too. And while 1.2 is complete in sense you can do everything with it, I find 2.0 more flexible and robust. Switching to it was really fast and easy.