SDL after latest MacOS updates

Hello all,

I’ve been developing a game utilizing SDL for a few months now that’s
nearing completion. I’m only targeting MacOS X 10.3/10.4 PPC/Intel,
and everything has been going well until yesterday.

I applied the latest security updates to my Dual G5 and my MacBook,
and now SDL graphics are failing on those computers, including old
previously-working binaries I have sitting around (to verify that I
didn’t simultaneous do something stupid in the source)

Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas? I’m a bit stumped. I
have discovered that if I drag another window around on top of the
SDL window I can get the SDL images to appear in places, and the game
itself still actually runs. (I can click in places that i know should
cause things to happen, and I can hear it react). I normally use
glSDL, but even reverting to standard SDL rendering is suffering the
same symptom.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Chris Backas