SDL and Dgen Genesis Emulator


I am trying to get SDL functioning so I can run Dgen, the Genesis emulator for linux. I have redhat 6.2, 2.4.2 kernel that I compiled myself…everything works great except SDL. I have installed multiple versions. First I tried 1.2, same thing. I tried 1. Same thing. Tried the RPM, it wouldn’t install…did the seemingly typical rpm deal of when you try to install it, “is already installed”, when you query it, “is not installed”. This latest version was built from source, without any errors that I could see. When I try to run dgen I get:

Couldn’t init SDL: Failed loading cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory!

below is the output of what was instructed on the FAQ.

which sdl-config


sdl-config --version


locate libSDL

tail config.log

no such file or directory

Any help? All of this was installed/ran as root of course. Thank you!