SDL and direct draw YUV overlay


I’ve stumbled into a problem with SDL1.2 . I’m trying to use hardware accellerated YUV overlay on Windows(98) and it’s working fine, except that the overlay is always displayed on the screen, even when another application has the focus and should be covering the overlay.

I had a quick look at the SDL code and it seems that nothing is currently implemented into the windx video driver to handle the PAINT event with hardware accelerated overlay.
(As I understand it you need to specify a kind of bitmap associated with the overlay to tell what is to be diplayed or not - a kind of alpha channel. Sorry for the lack of details but I don’t know anything more for now).

I don’t know much about direct draw since I only had a look at this API today when I suspected SDL wasn’t doing the right thing for hardware accelerated overlays. But anyway, I’m willing to work on this and if possible provide a patch for you. Don’t expect this to happen quickly though as my first task will be to learn a bit more about direct draw :wink:

Of course, any advice would be welcome.



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