SDL and Glide


Has anyone tried to get SDL and Glide running in harmony?
SDL is to be used for input handling and sound while Glide
should do the graphics.

My test program works when using SDL-DIB.DLL and
creating an SDL window before opening a Glide surface.
Glide seems to depend on an open and visible window
(at least on Windows) and gives an error if the program
doesn’t have one… The problem now is that any action
that takes the focus away from the application (alt-tab, ctrl-esc)
will cause the program to exit immediately (which I can
understand 'cause SDL doesn’t know that we’re in fullscreen).
Another thing is that I would prefer using DirectInput and
DirectSound over the nasty GDI stuff and renaming SDL-DX5.dll
isn’t that good a solution either.
One more problem (which could be my fault, too) is that
the program crashes regularly.

Has anyone had experience or information to share?


~ Paulus Esterhazy (@Paulus_Esterhazy)