SDL and Heber x10i

I am a programmer for a company that develops video gambling games. We use an interface board that controls input from buttons and switchs for the doors. We use SDL for the graphics, sound, and keyboard and mouse input. My issue is that I can make the inputs for the interface board work fine with the graphics, but it basically knocks out the keyboard and mouse inputs. It has been narrowed down to something to do with the SDL. Either I have some programming issues with how it is all implemented, or how I am using the threads. I do not know what to list here as far as code so if someone has any idea of what the issue might be just let me know what you need to know or see to help.


Hi Jim

The Heber board shouldn’t have any impact on anything to do with SDL, it’s just an IO board after all! I use SDL with a game using the PayLink system (the x10 rival…) and there’s no problems.

Are the keyboard and mouse USB too…?

If you’re using threads, then be careful - SDL rendering can only be used in the “main” thread of the program, though I think event management (which is what kb and mouse inputs are) can be handled in another thread, but I have everything in one thread. I hate threads at the best of times…

Let me know if I can help any further. I have a direct line into Heber as I use all of the products, and I also wrote all the Italian interface stuff for their Pluto 6 system.


I have not been able to get back to this forum until now. Do you have a skype I can contact you with?

Mine is jim.davis.jlmgames

The guys at Heber are the ones that think it is something quirky with the SDL library. This was not my own conclusion.
I hope we can talk some more because my boss is leaning in the linux direction so staying with the SDL library would be a good thing.