SDL and Nano-X

Hi. Some questions about nano-x support in SDL:

-How does SDL use microwindows?

-Can I allocate fullscreen, just a window or both to draw in?

-Does it enable the application to write directly into the framebuffer?

-What if I have 2 programs, running simultaneously, which want to write
into the framebuffer? Do they mess with eachother?

-Who, why, when, has made the nano-x driver? Is it going to be updated /
supported? Which features does it have / miss?


Does anyone know the status of using libSDL with Nano-X? There’s a
port of an older version of SDL here:
Also, when I looked through the SDL-1.2.15 code, I thought I saw code
related to Nano-X including the following configure options (
–enable-video-nanox, --enable-nanox-share-memory ). Does anyone know
if this works or how well it works? Would be interested in building
some programs outside of X. I guess directfb might also be an option,
but I know some other applications that do build with Nano-X. So, I’m
very curious to find out how well SDL works with it. Any tips, advice
or information on the topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.