SDL and PowerBuilder! :)

I was hoping I could get some PoewrBuilder feedback. In our current
project we have Unix and Windows/MSVC++ build environment sorted, but I
have a few questions regarding OsX’s PowerBuilder I was hoping someone
could fill me in on.

I have essentially got it working, but it’s hacky, so the main issues I
have are:

Using MSVC++ terminology here, my apologies. I would like one
"Workspace" which has two “Projects” in it. One is the SDL Main
application of course, and the other my own Network Library (libnet.a).

1st issue: (Similar to 3rd)
Now I would like “libnet.a” build to a specific place, or placed there
in a POSTLINK step, I don’t mind. Currently solved that by specifying
its name to be “…/shared/libnet.a” which seems to work. Better way?

2nd issue:
When building the, which needs to be linked against libnet.a,
I seem to have a problem telling PB to actually “compile” libnet.a
first, no dependecy there. Nor a good way to tell PB to actually link
against it. Currently, I have to manually compile libnet.a first, and I
have it linking in my using “Other Linker Flags” by adding “-l net
-Lshared”. In MSVC++ you can add it as a depency with Add Files, but the
PB Add File wont let me select the “libnet.a” file.

3rd issue:
Once built, the “” is built inside “build/” directory. I would
like it placed inside “…/client” where all the data files are. I can
manually copy it, drag’n’drop, and run it and all is well, but it would
be nice to have it placed there by the IDE. Tried the hack from #1, it
wont even try to load the app (No bouncy icon). Tried the Install Path
but that never seems to be executed, and would be required for Debug
build too. Running it from within PB has never worked, but probably due
to it being in the wrong directory (although the SDL window does not
even open).

I know traditionally, data files in Mac is stored in the resource, and
we may do that when it is time to release, but for now it would be nice
to be seperate, like all other platforms I build this on. I notice the
SDLMain.m has a hack to change to CWD on startup, I suppose I could
modify this to go into …/client/ instead but hmm…

Sorry about the lengthy email and relatively low relevance to SDL…

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