SDL and windows

does SDL have any window management ?

if it has one, we could write an x server, Xlib, widget sets (e.g. Qt)
based directly on SDL. The hardware would sit now in SDL

this would have the following advantages:

  1. the access would be as “native” as possible.
    (i think one aim of SDL was to provide an direct access)

  2. no more conflicts between some SDL backends and X-servers.

  3. for local usage, the xwindow protocol is not needed anymore.
    (now the xserver is loaded when it’s really needed)

  4. we bypass an old interface - use the newer, better one and
    if we really need the old one, we emulate it.

we could port the most important widget sets (Qt, motif, …) to SDL, so
all apps which use them, go (almost) directly to SDL. with this we also
have widget set for our SDL applications.

the system which i imagine would perhaps look like this :

| remote X app | | local X app | | widget app |

    ||               ||               ||
    \/               \/               \/

| SDL X Server | | local Xlib | | widget libs |

    ||               ||               ||
    \/               \/               \/---------------------------------------------------
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does SDL have any window management ?

No, you would have to write that yourself, probably based on the SDL_Surface

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