SDL android launch order

Hi guys

I am looking at the android sdl_activity and trying to figure out the way
in which things work.

It seems that SDLMain launches the SDLActivity.nativeinit() that just
returns a string that isn’t null.

Android applications when they are created calls the oncreate function,
which this seems like where most of the heavy lifting is being done.

in the oncreate()
it nulls out all the static references [because of android madness]

it sets the mSingleton to this, is that the application context or just a

it loads the static libraries

it then goes on to create a sdlsurface
setup joysticks

I don’t understand the next line, what is that intent used for?
// Get filename from “Open with” of another application

then the sdlactivity handles android lifecycle calls
handle keyevents

what about the sdl command handler, what exactly does that

the native calls
android functions that sdl calls via jni

audio init