Sdl app and screen saver


I have a sdl application that runs in pseudo-fullscreen(window modde without
border that uses the whole screen).

This app. (presentation) runs in a computer the whole day and I would like that
the Window$ screensaver to start when nobody is using it. The proble is that it
just won’t start.

I read in msdn that the following would prevent it to run:

1 - The active application is not Windows-based
2 -The active application receives the WM_SYSCOMMAND message and the wparam is
set to SC_SCREENSAVE but does not pass it to the DefWindowProc.
3 - … doesn’t matter

Well, I don’t think the first point is the problem, so I tried to check the
2nd. I start checking for WM_SYSCOMMAND but no message had the SC_SCREENSAVE as

My idea was to receive the message and remove the focus of the app so that the
next time the SC_SCREENSAVE comes, it would work.

I could of course implement the screen saver on my own app but it’s running in
one of the multiple display system, and the screen saver would take care of it
automatically… besides, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

I’m sure I’m missing something here, but I can’t find where the message is
beeing “destroyed”.