SDL Audio breaks Win 10 Audio device

So I wrote my first SDL audio example and when i ran it there appeared to be no sound.

I spent a minute to determine that it was actually playing but for some reason out of the headphones instead of the default speakers. Awesome it was working!!!

Then i noticed that not one single app on my system could play anything any more out the main speakers. I knew I had audio through my main speakers just prior to running the sdl code because just before running the code I adjusted the volume and received the characteristic chime after moving the volume slider.

Also in the audio setup I can see the volume meter under the volume slider is bouncing around when playing audio, but still nothing heard.

The audio selection indicates I have the “High Definition Audio Device” selected but I get no output anymore. If I select the Headphone High Def Aud Dev that works!

I have attempted some basic audio device troubleshooting. I have tried rebooting. I tried deleting and reinstalling the audio drivers and rebooting but to no avail. I have booted into Ubuntu from a thumbdrive and all the audio works fine!

I have no doubt it was the SDL because the problem occurred at that exact moment!

Anyone else experience a problem like this?